Fairbanks’ Bread Line Inc. continues to feed the hungry during the holiday season

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 4:20 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - During this time of year, organizations in Fairbanks truly embody the spirit of the holidays by helping those less fortunate. One of these organizations is Bread Line Inc.

According to Hannah Hill (they/them), Executive Director of Bread Line Inc., the non-profit is dedicated to helping feed those in need regardless of their situation.

“The Bread Line is an anti hunger organization here in Fairbanks, and the Bread Line itself is the overarching non-profit which has four separate programs underneath it,” Hill explained. “We have the Stone Soup Café which is our soup kitchen, we’re most known for that. We also run a culinary job training program for folks re-entering the workforce, that’s Stone’s Throw. In the summer time we have a community garden, and when it’s not a pandemic we have a popular kids café, which is a family volunteering initiative.”

For almost 40 years, Bread Line Inc. has continued to provide meals and opportunity for those in need - and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the non-profit and the volunteers who give their time continued to serve those in need.

“Stone Soup is our longest, oldest, and largest program that we have running, “Hill elaborated. “That started back in 1984 with just some good hearted Fairbanksans handing out sandwiches on the street corner. In the next 30-odd years, it has developed into this here. We’re at 507 Gaffney Road, we own this building.

Hill continued, “So Monday through Friday, regardless of holiday or foul weather, we’re here, we’re open, and we serve anybody that comes through the door who’s hungry. We don’t ask questions, that’s not what’s important. If you’re hungry, we will feed you.”

For those in the community who want to assist in the organization’s goals, there are several ways to get involved according to Hill. “We’re a community driven organization,” they remarked. “Most of our workforce is volunteers. We only have six people on staff here running all of this, and beyond that it’s volunteers who make it possible. So if people want to volunteer, that’s a great way to get involved with us.

As for the organization’s needs, Hill explained, “We could also always use food donations. Oh my gosh, people love home baked treats! But we’re also always looking for snacks -things that are shelf stable, easy to put in your pocket - so soft granola bars, fruit chews, fruit leather, anything that is easy to chew and easy just to put in your pocket, those are really, really popular around here. Good nutritious stuff like that. And money donations are also always welcome, help keep the lights on and the building warm.”

More information on Bread Line Inc. and their programs, including volunteering and donations, can be found on their website.

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