Fairbanks Community Food Bank continues to provide food to those in need during the holidays

Published: Dec. 24, 2021 at 1:28 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The holidays are a time of year where many band together to provide to those less fortunate, and the Fairbanks Community Food Bank works to keep that spirit going year-round.

According to Anne Weaver, CEO of the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, the food bank works with several organizations in town to help feed those less fortunate.

“We love to be able to be partners with about over 100 agencies here in town,” Weaver explained. “One of our partnerships happens to be with those that directly serve the homeless. In those agencies, we easily give away well over 100,000 pounds, probably closer to 200,000 pounds, to the different various agencies. [It] keeps their costs down which is wonderful, allows them to do the mission work they need to do, and it allows us to utilize the food this community is sharing in a way that’s very relevant to those that need to be fed.”

Despite not working directly with the homeless population in Fairbanks, the food bank is the largest contributor to organizations that do - like Bread Line Inc. and The Fairbanks Rescue Mission.

“At the Fairbanks Community Food Bank, we love the fact that we collect local surplus food,” Weaver elaborated. “Our intention is to get it back into the hands and mouths of those that need it. Typically when you think about the food bank, you think about our emergency food boxes that go to more of the in home type of recipients. Our partnerships with the organizations that directly serve the homeless allow us to get the food not only into the hands that need it, but into the hands of those that are homeless and on the streets. But we do it through other organizations. Those partnerships are key, because they allow us to really hit our mission - collecting local surplus food and getting it back out to those in need.”

Thanks to the food banks contributions, organizations are able to better focus on their respective goals with some of the weight taken off their shoulders.

“We love being able to support the other agencies in this town,” Weaver remarked. “Because of the generosity of this community, we have enough to share with the agencies. We receive it for free, we give it away for free, and we get to watch how that impacts their ability to do more work in the community. They’re able to focus more on their immediate mission and not have to worry about the food cost. You know, if you think about food costs, it can be tremendous. To be able to take that heat off of the agencies is one of my many favorite parts of being at the food bank. That’s one more way that we can come together as a community and support each other. I love the fact that we’re able to support them, with the food that this community gives.”

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