Fairbanks Curling Club hosts “Learn to Curl”

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 7:20 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The Fairbanks Curling Club hosted it’s first “Learn to Curl” event of 2022. This event provided the opportunity for those that had little to no knowledge or experience in the sport, but had the desire to learn.

Those that participated certainly brought the open mind to the sheets as they prepared on their adventure on a curling sheet for the first time. Some thought it might look easy from watching it on television or that it would come naturally.

“There is so much to keep track of,” said first-time curler, Cory Degler. “When you watch it on television or here at the curling club, it looks you’re throwing a rock, but there’s a lot of balance, nuance, rotations, and physics if you will. There’s a lot going on. Simple in concept, but hard to execute.”

Participants first learned why it was called curling and saw how the stone would curl (in motion) when sent down the ice. From there different aspects of the game were introduced.

Learning how to get into the hack, finding their balance when in their throwing motion, sweeping, and scoring were just some of the basics that were taught in the two-hour event window.

There was also more complex elements of curling added in intermittently throughout the day. How to command the skip, strategies for different ends given the circumstances, and more.

There were also fun informal parts of the game that were taught too. Like a broomstack, where you all drop your sticks simultaneously pausing (or ending) the game to go upstairs in the club and share a drink together.

As things concluded lines began to form to become a member and sign up for one of the upcoming leagues that started this week. For more information on curling events in the Fairbanks area, check out the Curling Club’s website at

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