Alaska American Heart Association spreads awareness of “Reclaim Your Rhythm” campaign

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Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 5:05 PM AKST
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The American Heart Association is working to spreading awareness on increasing heart health with the “Reclaim Your Rhythm” campaign.

According Dr. Linda Ireland, Cardiologist with the Alaska Heart Institute, over the course of the pandemic some residents may have developed unhealthy habits that the campaign seeks to help counter.

“We all over the past two years with the pandemic and COVID-19, it’s really kind of rocked our world in many different ways,” Dr. Ireland explained, “and the increased stress leads to overeating, less activity, and just stressful situations in general. So the American Heart Association is doing a great job in terms of a lot of different platforms to do that ‘Reclaim Your Rhythm’ to reduce stress. There’s move platforms to try to increase exercise to about 150 minutes a week or about 30 minutes a day, [and] staying on top of your blood pressure.”

The campaign seeks to help residents build better habits in several aspects of the day-to-day - from the home, to the gym, to even the grocery store.

“It can be physical walking, it could be yoga, it could be any kind of walking which is increasing your heart rate - up to about 30 minutes would be ideal,” Dr. Ireland elaborated. “There are a lot of different recipes that are on there, mindful meditation is super important to decrease stress, and there’s just all different kinds of stuff in there for different modalities to use.”

Along with healthy habits, the American Heart Association is also seeking to educate residents on how to perform CPR at home according to Dr. Ireland. “There’s a great initiative that they’re doing about ‘Keeping the Beat’ which is trying to kind of train CPR, very basic CPR techniques, to people at home. 70% of arrests occur at home, and there’s simple information on just how to do hands on chest compressions, [which] significantly will save lives before they get to the emergency room.”

More information on “Reclaim Your Rhythm” can be found at the American Heart Association’s website.

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