2022 Limited North American Championships Final Results

Published: Mar. 14, 2022 at 8:45 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The sprint mushing season continues in Fairbanks as the Alaska Dog Musher’s Association hosted the 2022 Limited North American Championships (LNAC). The LNAC participants participated in three consecutive days races, Friday through Sunday. The cumulative times for each class determined the winners. This year, there were four classes: Skijoring, 4-dog, 6-dog, and 8-dog.

Skijoring - 6.2 Miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Pam Schamber50:10.0
2Josh Link50:55.2
3Scott Jerome51:06.9
4Virgina Sarrazin52:09.8
5John Berryman56:54.2
6Becky Childs57:37.0
7Ruthann Lee57:47.8
8Alyeska Callis58:51.6
9Lindsay Caskenette64:38.1

4-Dog - 6.2 Miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Kriya Dunlap46:12.5
2Victoria Carver47:58.4
3Mira Franz47:58.7
4Jennifer Probert-Erhart48:33.8
5Hailey Dunaway50:04.4
6Virgina Sarrazin50:05.7
7Josh Link50:44.1
8Becky Childs51:03.4
9Marya Lewanski52:38.4
10Laura Vinnedge52:45.9
11Edie Forrest55:15.7

6-Dog - 8.0 Miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Mathieu Devred56:07.4
2Tony Pratt60:12.8
3Alexandra Rochat60:56.5
4Robert Lee62:02.2
5Kim Wells62:35.7
6Kristen Eckwright64:56.8
7Terri Cadzow65:15.5
8Evie Callis68:17.4
9Lindsay Caskenette69:02.0
10Joe Bifelt71:08.0
11Gina Pope71:29.0

8-Dogs - 12.5 Miles

PlaceNameTotal Time
1Jason Dunlap106:28.6
2Becky Childs110:28.6
3Rob Peebles115:22.3
4Jess Moore115:58.0
5Joey Henry117:13.7
6Joe Bifelt123:19.3
7Laura Bontroger123:53.3
8Sean DeWolski144:39.6

Next weekend, sprint mushers will return to the Jeff Studdert race grounds for the longest continuously-run sled dog race in the world: the Open North American Championships (ONAC). This will be the seventy-sixth year the Alaska Dog Mushers Association has hosted the ONAC. Races will take place Friday through Sunday, and the first race starts Friday, March, 18, at 1:00 P.M.

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