Biden at NATO Summit: ‘An attack on one is an attack on all’

“An attack on one is an attack on all" Biden speaks at NATO summit
“An attack on one is an attack on all" Biden speaks at NATO summit
Published: Jun. 30, 2022 at 2:36 PM AKDT
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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - President Biden was at the NATO summit in Madrid touting the United States’ biggest military expansion in Europe since the Cold War. The historic move was a reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Said Biden, “Putin thought he could break the transatlantic Alliance. He tried to weaken us, expected our resolve to fracture, but he’s getting exactly what he did not want.”

Biden announced the U.S. will add to the 100,000 troops it now has in Europe and set up a permanent army headquarters base in Poland. Plus, he said the U.S. is sending more aid to Ukraine.

“We provided Ukraine with nearly $7 billion in security assistance, since I took office. The next few days, we intend to announce more than $800 million more.”

At a press conference, President Biden said this week’s NATO Summit was about strengthening the alliance, meeting today’s challenges, and preparing for tomorrow’s threats. To that end, NATO formally invited Sweden and Finland to join, which Biden insists will strengthen NATO and provide greater security for both countries.

“An attack on one is an attack on all, and we will defend every inch of NATO territory, every inch of NATO territory,” he said.

While overseas, the president also made news on the domestic front. He said he would support an exception to the Senate’s filibuster rules to help codify Roe v. Wade and protect abortion rights.

That would be an uphill battle. Two Democratic senators – Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Synema of Arizona, have firmly said they will not support changing the senate’s rules.

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