Elijah Verhagen runs for seat R in the Alaska State Senate

Published: Jul. 28, 2022 at 9:43 AM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Elijah Verhagen is running for seat R in the Alaska State Senate.

He said he is running because he believes the people in Senate District R deserve a choice. “I had been hearing for months people saying we need someone else to run. We need a choice. There’s very little accountability, and I don’t believe, on either side of the aisle, whoever it is, I don’t believe in anyone getting a free ride and not have any competition or challenge.”

Verhagen said he is pro-life, and would like to ban elective abortions altogether. “It’s time to finally stand for life. If we took a poll amongst every life, every child, which I believe begins at conception, it’d be 100 percent that they would like to be born, and they would like to at least try life, and therefore us choosing ‘Oh, this is just a clump of cells, this is a life that’s not worth living,’ that is not right. That is not our decision. Once conceived, it is a life, and we cannot pursue happiness or have liberty if we don’t first have life.”

He would also like to see Alaska pursue opportunities for renewable energy.

“We need to be a leader in that. We have wind. We have solar, tremendous potential that we could be developing more of. We also need to be a responsible oil and gas developing leader again. We have had a lot of federal overreach and shutdowns that I will be doing my best to fight against at the state level.”

Verhagen is running against incumbent Click Bishop and Robert Williams in the primary election on August 16.

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