Police: 3 arrested after brawl at Chuck E. Cheese during children’s birthday party

Police in South Carolina report they have made arrests after a fight broke out at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. (Source: WCSC)
Published: Aug. 23, 2022 at 11:40 AM AKDT
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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC/Gray News) - Police in South Carolina are investigating a violent incident that happened over the weekend at a popular children’s restaurant.

The North Charleston Police Department reports officers responded to a large fight that broke out at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant on Aug. 20, where three people were arrested.

According to WCSC, Lizeller Dixon, Dashawn Malik Grant and Jasmine Ciera Judge were each charged with one count of breach of peace.

A mother at the party said the incident started when two 12-year-olds began to fight, which led to parents getting involved before the police were called.

“Chuck E. Cheese is not the brawl spot. You can’t just come into a Chuck E. Cheese, have a brawl, go home and make a Facebook post about it. You have to stand accountable for what you did,” Elvin Speights, a community activist, said.

Police said a large crowd was inside the restaurant, arguing and attacking one another when they arrived.

According to authorities, a fourth person was briefly detained for allegedly hitting a security guard but released after not being positively identified.

Police cleared out the business and asked everyone to leave, but the groups involved continued to threaten and attack one another.

Police said multiple witnesses did not work with them in providing further information about what happened.

“This isn’t Chuck E. Cheese’s fault, or the North Charleston Police Department’s fault or the security guard’s fault,” Speights said. “We, as adults, must learn how to behave in an establishment. Chuck E. Cheese is a place for kids.”

Police said they were called to the restaurant previously for reports of a shooting and a burglary in 2016.