Break the Silence: Victim advocates continue outreach on domestic violence on Fort Wainwright

October is domestic violence awareness month and throughout the state various organizations are bringing awareness to the issue by providing outreach.
Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 2:07 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - During the month of October, U.S Army Garrison Alaska (USAG), Fort Wainwright (FWA) has stepped up efforts to “Break the Silence” on Domestic Violence.

Nationwide, October is observed as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

As domestic violence can affect men, women, and children, FWA is teaming up with various organizations to bring awareness to the issue by providing outreach.

Julia Brischler, a Victim Advocate Coordinator with the Family Advocacy Program at USAG’s Army Community Services, says she’s been wearing the color purple all month long while speaking out on how domestic violence can impact individuals and a community.

Brischler is a military spouse and understands how important it is for military families to feel safe. She said she works to provide support and resources to clients who maybe need help with legal matters, and helping clients move, among many other needs they may need. Brischler said October is a time for people to come together and acknowledge the prevalence of domestic violence and also put efforts into prevention and connecting victims and survivors to services.

“The more the community starts talking about it and saying that, hey yeah, there are services for people to help, and this is an issue that we need to bring light to, and bring some awareness to,” Brischler explained. “All it does is encourage more people to know their resources, to reach out and help and know that there is support and care.”

She says while prevention efforts should be year-round, October is a month when allies of domestic violence come together to raise awareness.

“We are all trying to gather together and break the silence surrounding domestic abuse and domestic violence,” she said. “For victim advocates, we take on a lot of burden of the care, and during the month we realize, it’s really spread out.”

Working with agencies that have direct contact with domestic violence such as Military Police [MP’s], The Fort Wainwright Police Department, and Legal.

Earlier this month a domestic violence proclamation was signed by the Garrison Command Team. This proclamation acknowledges domestic abuse and the Army’s role in preventing and reducing the risk of domestic abuse.

The Proclamation, states, “Everyone plays a role in upholding the Army values and standards that support safe, healthy relationships in the military community. Without every one of us speaking out and doing our part, we cannot say our Army is fully ready to meet its mission.”

The proclamation also noted the USAG Alaska Family Advocacy Program, Military OneSource, and the National Domestic Abuse Hotline have resources to help.

Brischler says those who may be seeking help, can reach out to a victim advocate. Until the end of the month, every Wednesday from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. victim advocates will be at the Fort Wainwright Exchange.

Brischler had a final message to share, “You are not alone, and there is care out there.”

A link to the victim advocates and agencies can be found on their website.

The phone number for the National Domestic Abuse Hotline is 800-799-7233.

The USAG Alaska Family Advocacy Program is located at 3414 Rhineland Ave, Fort Wainwright, AK 99703 and their phone number is 907-353-7317.