Attention-seeking pup snags fire alarm at doggie day care

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 11:33 AM AKST
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DES MOINES, Ia. (KCCI/CNN) - A dog in Iowa recently got in trouble after setting off the fire alarm while at doggie day care.

A golden retriever named Birdie accidentally set off the alarm at her daycare center, Dogwoods Lodge.

“She goes to dog camp on Friday at Dogwoods Lodge,” Jessica Tapper, owner of Dogwoods Lodge, said. “She just arrived for day camp and was just bouncing around and bounced into the fire alarm, pushed it in, pulled it down and that was it.”

The mischief was all caught on the daycare’s security camera.

Birdie jumps and hits the alarm, prompting a visit from Grimes firefighters. And when firefighters arrived, they just found the dangerously cute pup showing absolutely no remorse.

Birdie’s owner says “as a punishment” the pup is wearing an apology around her neck, but doesn’t believe Birdie is truly sorry for hounding the fire department.

“She didn’t care other dogs freaked out,” Tapper said.

“We thought it was funny, and we’re glad she’s now let back at dog camp and she can go once a week and play around,” Birdie’s owner said.

Birdie’s owners say they’re not totally surprised that she pulled the fire alarm. They have an 11-month-old baby at home and say Birdie’s been acting out recently to get more attention.