Gene’s Life in Alaska Dirt Shootout

Published: Jun. 29, 2023 at 7:40 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Mitchell Raceway was hot with action this past weekend for the Gene’s Life in Alaska Dirt Shootout. Drivers from all over Alaska came to race, including NASCAR legend Ken Schrader.

The craziness of the first night of the dirt shootout, with drivers trying to grab as many points as possible, had quite a few racers ending their weekends short, especially in the sprint car class. “Yeah, it was a bummer. We started with nine cars, and it was four that was, that was kind of a bummer. Well, with the sun coming down and the dust flying, it was really hard to see. You kind of have to guess where the turn in is, and just kind of like wait, wait, wait turn,” said Colby Hill, the sprint car main feature winner.

For those drivers experiencing their first shootout, the madness on and off the track was holding true on a very uphill learning curve. “It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Definitely takes a lot of determination, and a lot of money. Yeah, we didn’t get a practice in this year, so it was really hopping right into it. I only got a couple of races in the seat last year, so this year is basically a brand new year for me. It’s been rough, but we’re for work in the bugs out and hopefully will be back out here to keep reason for the rest of the season,” said Dalton Derochers, the rookie sprint car driver.

For the final standings of the shootout, four points would separate the A Stock class. Kole Laughlin would grab his first win and edge out his rival so far this season, Zac Breland, taking home the overall win for the weekend, and Wayne Shaw would finish third.

In the sportsman’s class, Marty Flora would sweep the weekend for the overall win. Kris Slayer Sayer would snag second by a single point over Jesse Robson.

The modified class would have NASCAR legend Ken Schrader go five for six, just one win short of the full sweep, but still took home the overall win. “Well, you know, we got really lucky so far, and you know the track got us an excellent car, Jerry Parson’s car. He’s been running real good with the other one, he gave me the one he thinks is the best. I think it is, and so that’s been a tremendous help. But that’s just two heat races we gotta get through the feature and a whole other night,” said Schrader.

Home track star Jerry Parsons would take second and also steal a win from Schrader. Chris Strickland would find a way to finish one point above Marty Flora for third.

The craziest class of the weekend, the sprint cars would have home track racer Colby Hill take the overall win, with three wins and two more podium finishes. Ernie Seegar would take second with a win and two podiums, and finishing third, the fastest woman in Alaska, Mady Stichal, would grab two podiums for third place overall.