Fairbanks welcomes Tattoo Artists from all over the country

Published: Aug. 18, 2023 at 3:48 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - When you think about a person who has tattoos or the type of people who want to get a tattoo, a type of taboo may come to mind.

Chrystal Nevius, a tattoo artist who is based out of the lower 48 shares that people should not be intimidated by looks.

“We look abrasive, but most of us are teddy bears. That’s probably the only thing. Like don’t judge the book by its cover,” said, Nevius.

No judgment is taking place at the 4th Annual Tattoo Expo taking place in Fairbanks. The artists have come from all over the country and are meeting the community’s ink needs with ink guns in hand. With 80 tattooists on hand, almost every style of ink art can be found. This expo began on Thursday, August 17 and will continue through Sunday, August 20th at the Westmark Hotel and everyone is welcomed.

“Everybody knows everybody. It’s the dysfunctional family that you would want to have versus the one that most of us have. But it’s a great experience, like everybody is welcoming tattooed, not tattooed kids, no kids. We just want everybody to be comfortable. So especially if you’re not familiar with the community, it’s an easy way to come in and get a glimpse into our world,” said Nevius.

Nevius says this “family” really appreciates the small-town atmosphere that Fairbanks offers. “I traveled from Orlando, Florida this year. Most of the time, last year I flew out from Las Vegas and then prior to that I flew out from New York City. I’m a east coaster so it’s a different pace, but I love it.”

While some people may frown on this permanent piece of body art, there are many cultures that celebrate what the tattoo means. The bottom line. It’s up to the individual to collaborate with the artist for a one of kind creation.

“So I think a lot of it is the milestone or the mile marker to be part of somebody else’s journey or experience. So like it’s something we leave behind,” said Nevius.

With a little magic in every tattoo, it’s also a big responsibility.

Kito Talbert, another tattoo artist based out of Oklahoma shares, “When you get a tattoo, it’s the most longest lasting investment you’ll probably make in your life cause it’s going to last longer than any jewelry, any article of clothing, any vehicle. That’s the only thing that will be on you when you pass away.”

More information can be found about the event is available at the Ink Master Tattoo Show.