2023 Flag Football season brings change for West Valley

Published: Aug. 28, 2023 at 7:00 PM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) -The Wolfpack’s 2023 season is one with a big turnover, a new head coach, and many new players. This also brings with it a lot of new schemes, and plays for a team preparing for the new season in a hurry.

“We just got together, I just met the girls a month ago and met Coach Hally, and I’m real pleased with where we are for the first month. We just put it in our offense a couple weeks ago, and it was nice to run it against somebody new, but I thought we moved the ball. There’s obviously a lot that needs to be paid attention to, and tweaked and everything. But I’m really extremely pleased with the way the girls are at this point,” Matt Nylund, West Valley’s head Flag Football coach.

Bringing back the jamboree after eight years gives players and coaches the chance to fix something that is not working, and also let teams see live play before the season begins.

“Yeah, I don’t know who this helps more, the girls or the coaches. I think we saw so much that now we have a whole day of practice that we can go. We can critique the little details, we can perfect our scheme. I think it shows the girls a rough, you know kind of play of how the game will go. I wish I had this, because I think it’s that’s the whole season up for a lot less confusion game one,” Hally Jordan, West Valley’s defensive Flag Football coach.

The work in the pre-season showed through as the Wolfpack’s defense had a field day flying around and shutting down Lathrop and North Pole during the jamboree. Not just the players were excited, but the coaches were too.

“Oh, I’m so happy with how the defense performed. I want to very minorly, just hone in on everything we did, perfect it, but I don’t want to change a lot. I think we really got our scheme down for defense. Mindset wise, I want to always have a defense that shifts to what the offense is showing us. I want to shut down a lot of the trick plays that are going on. So yeah, I think that mindset wise we’re just gonna do our best,” said Jordan.