Know your polling place and what you need to bring with you to vote

where to vote, what’s on the ballot and what you need to bring in order to vote
Published: Oct. 3, 2023 at 8:12 AM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - The 2023 municipal election in the Fairbanks North Star Borough will take place on Tuesday, October3, with polling locations opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 8 p.m.

During those 13 hours, 32 polling locations will be open for voters.

To find your polling place, the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) has developed an interactive map that will help you find your voting location based on your precinct. This map can be viewed by going online to the FNSB website and locating the “find my polling place” link on their elections page. Here, you can type in your address in the search box and your polling place will pop up.

Polling places can also be found using the precinct maps and polling locations links. The precinct maps will show the border for a given precinct, colored in red, the precinct number, and a star indicating the polling place location. The polling locations list can be used to find a precincts polling place and learn whether or not some ballots will have both borough and city positions on it.

All of the ballots should have positions for borough assembly, school board and the Interior Alaska Natural Gas Utility Board. There will also be two propositions to vote on.

For residents that live with in the city limits of North Pole there should also be an option to vote for city council as well as two propositions in addition to the borough propositions.

For those in the city limits of Fairbanks, ballots should have candidates for city council and an additional proposition.

Residents registered to vote can, however, vote at any polling place using a questioned ballot.

All residents that intend on voting in the municipal election will need their voter ID, and a state ID, such as a drivers license or a federal ID such as a passport.