Fairbanks North Star Borough processes questioned and absentee ballots following Election Day

Published: Oct. 5, 2023 at 9:13 AM AKDT
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) - Election night is over, but for the Fairbanks North Star Borough clerk’s office, the coming week will see work continue to examine and certify the 2023 municipal election.

Absentee and questioned ballots remain to be counted toward the final total. Up to 1,139 absentee ballots could be received by the borough, and 584 questioned ballots are being processed. These numbers could decrease depending on whether all absentee ballots sent out are returned and whether any questioned ballots are challenged by the borough and ultimately deemed ineligible.

Meanwhile, they’re being checked by the borough’s Canvassing Board for any irregularities, and the public is invited to witness the process.

April Trickey, Borough Clerk, said, “They’re actually in our Chizmar Room here at the Borough Building, which is adjacent to the Assembly Chambers, and the public can view and watch what is happening there, and they’re just going through each one of those to verify, like the questioned ballots, they’re verifying, ‘Are they a registered voter? Did they vote? Were they registered within 30 days of the election?’ to verify their qualifications, and they’re just verifying that a voter didn’t go out and vote twice for any other reason. They’re doing the double check. They’re auditing all of that. They’re also auditing all of the precinct returns.”

This process will culminate in an event on Tuesday, October 10 at the Juanita Helms Administration Center, where qualified outstanding ballots will be added to the totals, and a final election result released.

Absentee ballots being mailed into the borough had to be postmarked by Election Day, and must be received by the borough by October 10.

All told, around 14 thousand borough ballots were filled out in the 2023 municipal elections. With more than 77 thousand registered borough voters, that gives a voter turnout of just over 18 percent. Depending on the number of absentee and questioned votes received, this number could go as high as 20.38 percent.

The unofficial list of current results and votes counted so far can be found here.