Station History


KTVF Channel 11 - Fairbanks (Transmitted from Ester Dome)

Class: Full Power

Sign On: February 1955

Affiliation: NBC

Translator Stations:

K11WZ-D Delta Junction 11.1

K12RF-D Healy 11.1

Additional Channels:

13.2 (Transmitted from Skyline Drive) & 11.4 (Transmitted from Braddock St.)

Subscription Options:

GCI-HD Channel 652

DIRECTV-HD Channel 11

Dish Network-HD Channel 5643

Steaming Options:

AppleTV, FireTV, FuboTV, Hulu, Roku, Vuit, Sony, Yukon Fairbanks, YouTube-TV

KTVF Programming:

KTVF offers up to date local news programming 3 times per weekday (The Fairbanks Morning News 6:30 a.m., The Fairbanks Evening News 6:00 p.m. and Newscenter Final 11:00 p.m.) and offers the market’s only weekend news programs (The Fairbanks Evening News Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and Newscenter Final Saturday at 11:00 p.m.).

As the NBC affiliate in Fairbanks, KTVF is honored to offer powerful sporting events such as full coverage of Olympic trials and games, NFL Sunday Night Football, NFL Playoffs, the Kentucky Derby, Notre Dame Football, Figure Skating, Golf and much more. NBC’s entertaining primetime offers viewer favorites such as The Voice, Chicago Wednesday, Law and Order Thursday, Quantum Leap, The Blacklist, Magnum P.I. and Saturday Night Live. Late night offerings include The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Top Story with Tom Llamas. NBC’s news offerings complete a full schedule with programs The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Dateline and Meet the Press. KTVF’s syndicated offerings include Live with Kelly & Ryan, Rachael Ray, The Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Clarkson shows, Mom and Modern Family along with weekend favorites Major Crimes, Murdoch Mystery, In Depth and various holiday specials and movies.


KXDF Channel 13 - Fairbanks (Transmitted from Skyline Drive)

Class: Class A Digital

Sign On: August 1996

Affiliation: CBS

Additional Channels:

11.3 (Transmitted from Ester Dome) & 7.2 & 11.6 (Transmitted from Braddock St.)

11.3 in Delta Junction and Healy

Subscription Options:

GCI-HD Channel 656

DIRECTV-HD Channel 13

Dish Network-HD Channel 5642

Steaming Options:

Paramount Plus, Hulu, Vuit, Sony, Yukon Fairbanks and YouTube-TV

KXDF Programming:

KXDF offers local news twice each weekday with News13 at 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. As the CBS affiliate in Fairbanks, KXDF is honored to share powerful sports, entertainment and news only found on CBS. High action sports offerings include NCAA Basketball including March Madness, NFL on CBS including post season championships, PGA, SEC Football, Soccer and special events including Big 3 Basketball, PBR and Major League Rugby. CBS’s prized primetime includes fan favorites such as the NCIS franchise, FBI Tuesday’s with FBI, International and Most Wanted, Survivor, Big Brother, Ghosts, The Equalizer, East New York, True Lies, The Neighborhood and Bod (Hearts) Abishola. Late night hits include programs The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Late Late Show with James Corden. Daytime favorites include The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful and iCrime and The Talk.  CBS wraps up a full network schedule with news programs CBS Mornings, The CBS Evening News, CBS Sundays Mornings, Face the Nation and the longest running news magazine 60 Minutes. KXDF completes the channel lineup with syndicated favorites Judge Judy, Entertainment Tonight, The Big Bang Theory, Seal Team, and weekend specials and movies.


KFXF Channel 7 - Fairbanks (Transmitted from Braddock Street)

Class: Low Power Digital

Sign On: April 1992

Affiliation: MeTV/My Network

Additional Channels:

11.2 (Transmitted from Ester Dome) & 11.6 (Transmitted from Braddock St.)

11.2 in Delta Junction and Healy

Subscription Options:

GCI-HD Channel 654

DIRECTV-HD Channel 22


KFXF is memorable entertainment television airing over 50 different classic TV series from the 1950′s through the late 2000′s each week. Weekday favorites include Leave It To Beaver, Perry Mason, Matlock, The Waltons, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Mash, The Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres and Gomer Pyle. Classic cartoons such as Popeye, The Tom and Jerry Show, Bugs Bunny and Friends kick of the weekend followed by a Saturday western afternoon with shows such as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and Rawhide. Saturday evenings offer Svengoolie Classic Horror and Sci-Fi movies, Kolchack: The Night Stalker, Lost in Space, Star Trek, and Buck Rogers. Sundays are filled with look backs at favorite sit-coms such as The Brady Bunch, Full House, The Flintstones and Gilligan’s Island as well as dramas such as The Fugitive, and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.