Billie Sundgren Tewalt

News Director
Fairbanks, Alaska
Billie Sundgren Tewalt

Billie brings almost 20 years of experience in the world of broadcast journalism. Her experience and passion for Fairbanks shines through in everything she does.

May 2021, Billie Sundgren-Tewalt returned to KTVF as News Director of its NBC, CBS, and My Network/MeTv affiliated television stations and digital platforms in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Billie said, “While I may have taken a hiatus from the world of news, I am excited to be back and see how far this news team can go. My experience in news gathering is second nature to me, and while we have a young team in the newsroom, I am looking forward to bringing almost two decades worth of new knowledge, community insight, and a whole lot of passion and drive to provide the best local news coverage."

“Billie’s respect for news and knowledge of our community and state is unmatched. We are so excited to welcome Billie back to lead our newsroom and know she will continue to emphasize local coverage with high quality reporting. She is the perfect fit to lead and grow our team,” said General Manager, Christine Fry.

Sundgren-Tewalt is a lifelong Alaskan with her time spent in the Fairbanks/North Pole area. Billie spent 17 years at KTVF, working her way up from cub reporter to News Director. Upon her departure in 2012, she spent two years working as the Executive Communications Specialist for the Fairbanks North Borough’s Mayor’s Office. In 2014 her life took a different turn and she decided to enjoy a semi-retired lifestyle with an emphasis on being a Grandma to her two grandsons. She found her way back to KTVF in 2019 as a local sales assistant and event planner. “I really feel I’ve come full circle. I spent so much of my professional life at the station that it was a natural fit to come back and I felt like I was coming ‘home’”, says Billie when asked about her return to KTVF. With her transition back into the newsroom, she said, “It was a little bit hectic. It was a huge challenge after working from home for more than a year. There was even some breaking news due to an unexpected late snow storm and our schools were going to be closed. And just like that, I found my niche and me and my team got the information out to the community.”

Billie is proud of her Inupiat Eskimo heritage. Her favorite pastimes are fishing, camping with her husband, Jim and bonfires. She’s an avid home baker and is currently trying to master the Macaron.