Mike Shultz

Weather Anchor/ Saturday Desk Anchor
Fairbanks, Alaska

Mike Shultz was born in Harlingen, Texas, but spent most of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also spent 23 years in the Air Force, which took him to Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, Greenland, and Italy. Mike has been with KTVF since 1992.

But of all the places he's been, Fairbanks is the best. He loves the climate and natural beauty, but most of all, the great people. Mike is a member of the Downtown Rotary Association, which he says is a great community organization. His hobbies include golf and other outdoor activities, and listening to music.

Mike and his wife Darlene have two children, Dionna and Matthew, and two grandchildren. Mike enjoys doing the weather for Channel 11. "It is always changing and is nearly unpredictable," he says. Mike is glad he can make a contribution to the audience with his forecasts.

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