A look at how Pioneer Park came to be

Published: Jun. 9, 2017 at 6:47 PM AKDT
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This week on What's Happening at Pioneer Park, we take a look at the history of park and how it came to be.

Today we'll be taking a look at how Pioneer Park was started. Originally in late 1960, the Pioneers of Alaska requested public land from the State of Alaska. Their plan was to create a tourist attraction with historical information and exhibits. A non-profit organization called Pioneer Memorial Park Incorporated was formed with intentions to pursue the park project.

Then in May of 1967 the park opened as "Alaska '67 Centennial Exposition." In May of 1968, the organization quitclaimed the park to the State of Alaska, and oddly enough, that very same day, the State quitclaimed it to the City of Fairbanks. At that time the name changed to Alaskaland.

In 1999, the idea to change the name of the park again arose due to tourists thinking it was a theme park like Disneyland. In 2001, the Borough finally decided to rename the park as not to "trick" visitors. In July of 2002, it was official: the park is now Pioneer Park.

Tune in next Wednesday to Fairbanks Evening News, and Newscenter Final for more historical facts about our great community park.