Above average number of homes destroyed by snow this winter

Published: May. 11, 2018 at 8:59 PM AKDT
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Fairbanks experienced its tenth snowiest winter on record this year and that snow load may be factoring into roofs collapsing, along with an unusually high number of damaged structures. The combination of old age and snow load took this building down along with the F&H fitness studio off Pegar road. But there have also been a record number of houses that have been damaged this year due to fluctuating weather.

One Financial Insurance representative here in Fairbanks has seen more than 100 claims between Fairbanks and Anchorage- just in the last month. Restoration companies have also noticed a high number of distressed homes due to snow load and ice damming.

It happens when the snow melts and freezes, then builds a barrier that prevents water from flowing off the roof. As a result, the ice is forced upward ruining shingles.

The easiest, most cost effective way to prevent damage is to shovel the snow off your roof. Some insurance companies cover the damage, otherwise it can get expensive.

"Just depending on the size of the loss, it can get expensive. I mean, right now, this winter we've had claims ranging from you know, 1,500 dollars to up to 30,000. So it really just depends on the house and how long you let it go. You know, before you call somebody about the damage," said Mat Croan, branch manager at a local restoration company.

Summer is a good time to assess and protect your home from future damage.