Alaska State Troopers give tips to protect against burglary

A house in Fairbanks was lived in and burglarized while the owner was in the lower-48 for over...
A house in Fairbanks was lived in and burglarized while the owner was in the lower-48 for over a year. He came back to find needles on the ground and many of his valuables missing. (John Dougherty/KTVF) (KTVF)
Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 5:13 PM AKDT
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As people return to Alaska for the summer after spending their winter in warmer climates, some people are finding their houses were burglarized. The Alaska State Troopers are reminding people that there are steps they can take to protect their homes and property.

Trooper Tyler Stuart works with the Special Project Unit in Fairbanks in solving property crimes. He said that if you are going to be gone for a long period of time to contact your neighbors about helping watch your property or have friends check on it. He said making it look lived in helps make it less of an easy target. If they do see something out of place, he said they can call you or law enforcement to check it out.

Stuart also suggested that as long as the house has power, to put up cameras. “Think a little bit about how they are installed. The higher the definition the better, but think about what you are trying to capture with those cameras, whether it be a potential culprits face, or a vehicle plate.”

He even suggested testing the camera by driving or walking up to see what it captures.

Stuart said another thing that will help police in case of a burglary is recording the serial number of valuables such as tools, firearms and electronics. Doing this will increase the chance of law enforcement being able to recover stolen items. One thing he said was important is to store the numbers some place safe like on a cloud service online. He also said that taking pictures of the items can help with recovering them.

Not only does documenting your property help if it is stolen, Stuart said that it can help if there is a fire or flood with an insurance claim.

For people who have rental properties and tenants, he said not to keep valuables in places were other people will be. “Nobody is going to steal your stuff because it’s not there.”

In all situations, he said if you see something suspicious to call the Troopers. “We can’t always be there, but if you don’t call we will never be there,” Stuart said. He added that because of calls on suspicious activity, they have caught burglaries in progress as well as stopped dangerous drivers.

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