Alaskans ask Murkowski to vote against Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice

Published: Aug. 23, 2018 at 8:43 PM AKDT
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Senator Lisa Murkowski received a visit from constituents hoping to influence her upcoming vote on Brett Kavanaugh. Several Alaskans traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet Senator Murkowski, and ask her to vote against Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.

Their main concern is the potential loss of insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. Kavanaugh has expressed criticism of the Affordable Care Act.

The constituents discussed their personal difficulties with receiving care for their pre-existing conditions. Leighan Gonzales of Anchorage, who was born with a heart condition, is worried that thousands of Alaskans will lose protections in the current ACA if Murkowski votes in favor of the supreme court nominee.

"The biggest concern and the reason I asked her to vote no on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination is the pre-existing protections that were brought forward in the ACA. There have been a lot of attacks on the Affordable Care Act recently. And these are issues that we know in Alaska are so much closer to home and bigger than in other states where we discuss healthcare accessibility," said Gonzales.

Senator Murkowski relayed Gonzales' testimony, in addition to that of other constituents, when she met Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the first time earlier today. In a statement released by the Senator, she says she discussed a wide range of issues, many that have been suggested by Alaskans who have been in touch with her. The most pressing concerns have to do with privacy, vouchers, Indian law, and healthcare.

Murkowski also sought to provide an understanding of the unique issues that arise in Alaska. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a multi-day hearing to consider Kavanaugh's nomination, beginning on September 4.