Colon detoxification cleans other parts of the body

 Waste in the colon can cause health problem in other parts of your body.
Waste in the colon can cause health problem in other parts of your body. (KTVF)
Published: Jun. 26, 2019 at 6:36 PM AKDT
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Waste in the colon can cause health problem in other parts of your body.

The Colon rests on other major organs in the body. With 71 indentations, or sacks, there are plenty of crevasses for waste to get stuck. When your body starts pulling water from your colon to hydrate other systems, that waste passes toxins to other parts of your body. Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Tonya Brown says when this happens, your body is in desperate need of detoxification.

Brown gave a lecture at Tuesday night's 'Healthy Living' series at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, explaining how many things the colon can affect. From muscle cramps, to coughing fits, and even reproductive difficulties, the colon can be the cause of many of your health problems.

Colon health is something a lot of Americans struggle with. Colon Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA. Brown says the reason for this is because Americans do a lot of things wrong when it comes to digestion. At the beginning of the process, people eat wrong. She says food should be ground to paste in the mouth before it is swallowed. When eating dry food, like crackers, water should be sipped with the food before it is swallowed. Letting dry or big pieces food puts more stress on your digestive system. It is also important to eat clean food. Although portions of the digestive system are designed to kill germs, that functionality can easily become over taxed, which leads to illnesses like food poisoning. At the end of the process, Brown says we use the bathroom wrong. The reason why so many people struggle with passing waste is because the body is not lined up correctly. She suggests buying a small foot stool to raise one's legs. The spine should only be slightly bent when going.

She also says the perception of colon health is a problem in America. Acid reflux, occasional irregularity, bloating, heart burn, and other digestive problems have been normalized, with countless medicines made to deal with the symptoms. Instead of taking something to deal with the body's warning signals, Brown suggests treating the cause of the problem, and that starts with eating right. Brown says chemicals in foods and drinks make it where the body rejects whole parts of the nutrients that the body would have otherwise absorbed.

"What the junk food does is cause major illnesses," said Brown. "The high saturated fats that basically line the arteries and cause heart attacks and strokes. Toxic waste that can't be digested by the colon. It's not food to the body."

Constipation, one of the most common digestive problems, is often caused by a lack of water. Brown says to properly hydrate the body, you need to drink half your body weight a day. For an average adult, that means roughly 4 ounces every 20 minutes. The colon hydrates the body. When there isn't much water coming in, the colon will take all of the water available, and leave dry waste stuck in your system. The body needs moisture to move waste further down the system, and when it doesn't get it, the waste sticks to the colon wall. That waste can stay there for decades. In treatment sessions Tonya Brown has conducted, she says people have lost as much as 15 pounds from detoxification.

On top of hydrating, another important part of detoxification is eating a healthy mix of soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber helps absorb the waste stuck in the sacks of your colon, while the insoluble fiber pushes that collected waste out of the body.

Brown says that detoxifying your colon by changing your eating habits and drinking more water will have unexpected benefits on your life.