Construction Report: keeping up with construction

Published: May. 27, 2019 at 8:55 PM AKDT
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The Alaska DOT has many resources to help you stay informed and up to date on projects across the state.

The Department of Transportation tries to make it easy for Alaskans to keep track of what's going in their home town as well as across the state.

For those looking for information on local projects, DOT Spokesperson Caitlin Frye suggests The website is updated weekly, and is designed to give detailed information on traffic impacts. Those looking to keep up with the Mitchell Expressway repaving project can start here.

For those planning trips this summer, Caitlin suggests 511 takes in account more than just construction. It includes things like weather and travel conditions to help create a fuller picture of your trip. Caitlin says the website isn't updated as much in the summer, but it will always be updated if conditions become harsh. 511 will also tell you about future projects and the day they are projected to start.

"If there is ever an emergency, social media is a great place to find information," said Caitlin Frye.

DOT has three social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Along with emergency information, DOT uses their platforms to inform the public about the process and reason for their projects. You'll also see behind the scenes videos and pictures from across the state.

For those who want regular updates, you can sign up at for a weekly email of construction updates.