DOT begins multi-year project to upgrade all Fairbanks traffic lights

Published: Sep. 20, 2017 at 4:35 PM AKDT
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The Alaska Department of Transportation and Facilities have started a multi-year project to upgrade traffic signals at all intersections in town.

The goal of the project will be to have upgraded all of the signals, signal arms, some signing, and have better control over the timing of all the traffic signals.

The 14 million dollar contract is scheduled to be completed by 2019.

Currently, D.O.T. is ahead of schedule and anticipates that they could be done with the project by next summer.

These upgrades will take place at 38 different intersections around town.

D.O.T.'s public information officer, Meadow Bailey, says the traffic upgrades should make things better.

"The signals are out there, they're really old and the equipment, the new equipment is a lot more advanced. It's a big project though to replace a signal the entire mast arm, all of the wiring. And so this is a big investment but we really believe that it will pay dividends in that people will be a lot happier with their commutes and that they will more efficient flow of traffic. So this will really help with the traffic flow and it will help people on their commute and traffic will flow more efficiently through the community."

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