FNSB approves new partnership with Fort Wainwright

Published: Jun. 15, 2018 at 8:47 PM AKDT
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The 9-11 dispatchers at Fort Wainwright will soon be fully connected to the Borough's emergency system.

This means that all wireless and landline calls received can easily be transferred to Army emergency personnel, with all information intact.

All calls, even those made on post, are first received by the Fairbanks Emergency Communications center, and then transferred out to Fort Wainwright.

Deputy to the Garrison Commander at Fort Wainwright, Angela Major said this new capability, could truly make a difference in saving lives.

"The biggest benefit of our partnership is the increased emergency response capabilities," she said.

Before this new partnership, much of the information from a 9-1-1 call would be lost when conveyed to the military installation.

But now, Fort Wainwright dispatchers will receive the location of a call - including landmarks, and what type of building a call is coming from.

"When there's an emergency, they'll tell you every second, every minute matters so we really see this project as critical to protecting the lives of everyone who lives and works on Fort Wainwright," Major added.

The interconnected system is expected to reduce response time up to a minute.

Fort Wainwright is also renovating its dispatch center to further the readiness of emergency personnel.

They hope the new interconnected system will be completed in about three months.