Fairbanks Arts Association kicks off the New Year with annual Literary Reading Series

Published: Jan. 5, 2019 at 8:05 PM AKST
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The Fairbanks Arts Association is kicking off the New Year with its annual Literary Reading Series, highlight local authors.

Nike Bahr with the Fairbanks Arts Association explained that this event is a great place for the public to have a place to engage with local voices.

“We as the Fairbanks Arts Association are proud to have the longest standing literary reading series in the state of Alaska and this got started as a platform and an opportunity for local voices to share their work with the public and then also for the public to have a place to engage with these voices and have a place to come to and listen to local works and local writing," she said.

Roger Topp was the first local writer to kick off the event series on Saturday. He said his stories are heavily influenced by real events.

His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in 'The Maine Review', 'Dunes Review', and 'Into the Void Magazine' just to name a few.

He advised that all writers should get comfortable reading their work to others, “"I think people should hear stories told out loud. From a writers perspective I think nothing tells a writer whether their stories really works is whether they can stand up in front of an audience and read it and whether it still sounds good and so I think all writers should try to read to other people,” he said.

The Fairbanks Arts Association is holding a reading session every month, which are to be held at Bear Gallery on the 3rd Floor of the Centennial Center for the Arts at Pioneer Park.

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