Fairbanks City Mayoral Candidates face off at Chamber forum

Published: Sep. 28, 2019 at 6:48 PM AKDT
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The Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce held their last candidate forum for the upcoming municipal election with candidates for Fairbanks City Mayor. Incumbent Mayor Jim Matherly is running against Lakesha Jordan, Kathryn Dodge, and Frank Turney.

The candidates were asked a series of questions, with one of the last questions being how they would differ as mayor from their opponents.

Lakesha Jordan said "I really truly believe in building authentic connectivity within our community. So my plan for the city is to continue that by creating things like leadership roles, neighborhood leadership roles, for people to attend meetings, city council meetings and different things so we can all be informed and better connected. It works when we come together, it just does."

Mayor Jim Matherly said "You all know me, you've all knocked on my door, you all know where I live, you all know my phone number, you've called me many many times, and reached out to me many many times. I'm immersed in this town, because I was born in this town, so was my mom, my grandma is 100, still lives here. My roots are here with all of you, so you know me, I feel like you know me after so many years, that's why I'm different."

In explaining how he differs, Frank Turney said "I'm an undeclared voter, I vote my conscience, and I don't belong to any party, whatsoever, when I go to that ballot box, I vote my conscience."

Kathryn Dodge answered "I think we've become reactive, and we need to come together, we need to develop goals as a community, a broad community. We need to determine where we want to be in 3 to 5 years, how we want to get there and how we want to pay for it. I'm hoping that conversation both energizes us, gives us direction, and gives us direction also about what revenue sources we want to explore."

Residents of Fairbanks will make their choice on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019.

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