Fairbanks suggested as a possible home for the ‘Into the Wild’ bus

A replica of the 'Into the Wild' bus that was used for the movie of the same name sits at a...
A replica of the 'Into the Wild' bus that was used for the movie of the same name sits at a local brewery in Healy, Alaska.(John Dougherty/KTVF)
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 3:44 PM AKDT
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Fairbanks has been put forward as a new home for the "Into the Wild" bus which was recently taken out of the wild.

After years of speculation on whether it would ever happen, the bus made famous by the book and subsequent movie "Into the Wild" has been airlifted by the state from its place on the Stampede Trail. Currently the bus is being stored in a secure location while the state looks for a new home.

One Fairbanks Borough Assembly Member is hoping the bus can come to Fairbanks. Aaron Lojewski, is working on a resolution to have the bus brought to Fairbanks. He is co-sponsoring the resolution with Frank Tomaszewski and Jimi Cash.

Lojewski said he envisions it being located at Pioneer Park for people to see and enjoy in a safe manner. "To me, when I heard of the bus getting air lifted out, the first thing I thought was, 'thank goodness, it's about time...' you know, for public safety purposes. But Pioneer Park just came to my mind instantly. It's Alaskaland, it's where we put that sort of thing of general interest up for everyone, locals and visitors alike, to come and enjoy. So it is free of admission, available to everybody," Lojewski said.

Another location that has been suggested in Fairbanks is the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum. Willy Vinton is the museum manager for the Auto Museum and said they would be the perfect place for the bus to be displayed. The museum, which has over 100 antique cars, has many cars of historical significance for Alaska stored there.

Vinton said they would most likely stabilize the condition of the bus so that people could continue to go inside it and add it to their outside display. He said they are equipped to take care of the bus. "It's Alaska history, and we do love Alaska history, and we want to preserve as much as we can. I think this would be a great place, I don't know of any place else that would have facilities and properties that could make a setting for it, and I think it would fit in here," Vinton said.

Lojewski said he isn’t set on Pioneer Park and would not mind seeing the bus go to the auto museum. He said that the assembly would like to hear from the public on where they think the bus should be stored or if it should even be brought to Fairbanks. He encouraged the public to send emails to their assembly members.

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