Published: Jul. 5, 2019 at 7:10 PM AKDT
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Now that we are into the growing season, it is time to showcase your flowers to the public.

In tonight's installment of the garden report, Julie Riley tells us about the upcoming flower show.​

Hi I just returned from national flower judging school, and i wanted to tell you about a great opportunity that the Fairbanks garden club is going to provide. You always think about entering flowers in the Alaska state fair, but a few weeks earlier there is a special flower show hosted by the Fairbanks garden club, and the theme of this year's show is "gardening through the galaxy", in honor of the Apollo space program.

The reason i am talking about it now is because you have got a little bit of time to spruce up your flowers. In addition to design positions, they have a horticulture division where you can enter flowers just from your garden like this or perhaps a container growing plant like this Alice. Which is a little uneven because I've been turning it to the sun. So what i am going to do is remove spent flowers or the leaves that are turning yellow. If there were any spent flowers but i would like to do is have you take a look at the entry forms that are at garden centers or at my office. Its the schedule actually, and see what the rules are ​

And then you tidy up some of your plants.​

Just go on over to pioneer park and enjoy the day. The dates are official July 19th and 20th.​

Its gardening through the galaxy.​

But then don't forget about entering the state fair too!​

Wildflowers are one of the possible entries for the Tanana Valley State Fair.

I'm Julie Riley, join me next week, in the garden.​