Gov. Walker Presents Compromise Plan To Balance State Budget Deficit

Published: Jun. 6, 2017 at 9:57 PM AKDT
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We reported earlier that Governor Bill Walker had come up with a compromise plan to try and fix the state budget crisis before a July 1st state government shut-down.

He said the proposed package would stabilize the economy, using bills that have already been introduced and considered.

Those include Oil and gas tax credit reform, education head tax and motor fuels tax, and the Permanent Fund Protection Act.

The plan would cap oil taxes when the price of oil is low, would tax Alaska wage earners on a sliding scale from $50 to $500 annually, and would set the PFD amount at $1,000 per person.

The Governor said there is going to have to be compromise to avoid a government shutdown.

"The fact remains we're running out of time. We must not let perfect be the enemy of good in this process. While 8it may not be a perfect compromise, it's the only compromise that's on the table. I would welcome dualing compromises. So my message to legislators, if you cant further compromise in what I've presented, please, please develop your own compromise. But most of all, make sure it's a balance, and Alaskans are not deprived of the much needed government services that they will need as of July one of this year."