Governor Walker Clear On Special Session Topics: Find Sustainable Income, Balance State Budget

Published: May. 22, 2017 at 10:20 PM AKDT
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The Legislature adjourned its extended regular session last week, and the next day, the governor called them back for a special session.

The biggest sticking point between the two bodies is how to deal with the nearly 3 billion dollar budget deficit that has been caused by the low oil prices.

Still to be resolved are how to get new revenues, the possibility of gas tax credits for oil companies, and agreement on a fiscal plan.

The house has pushed for a state income tax, but the senate has not gone along with that idea.

Members of the State Senate held a press availability on day one of the special session called by Governor Walker.

Senator Pete Kelly said they only control what goes on in the senate, and that they have provided the house with solutions that were not accepted.

"We have sent to the house in the regular session a reduced budget a fiscal solution a spending limit, we ended cash payments to oil companies and we killed an income tax.

By all measures that's a pretty good track record.

Every time we're in some position like this someone asks me or others what are you willing to compromise on. We're not willing to compromise on the things that are in the best interests of Alaska.

We're going to act in the best interests of Alaska; were not going to declare victory because we gave something up in the name of compromise."