Governor Walker Signs Bill Financially Covering Fallen Officers Families

Published: Jun. 21, 2017 at 10:56 PM AKDT
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Alaska Governor Bill Walker made a visit to the Interior on Wednesday.

Residents gathered at the Trooper Memorial Park in North Pole to see the Governor of Alaska sign House Bill 23.

According to the Alaska State Legislature website, this is an Act creating a fund in the Department of Public Safety.

The bill was created for "Providing for payment of certain medical insurance premiums for surviving dependents of certain peace officers or firefighters who die in the line of duty".

The bill went through its first session in 2015 and was finally signed on Wednesday.

Families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty, stood next to Governor Walker as he spoke of the need for this new bill.

Walker praised those families saying, without their testimony, this bill may not have passed.

"My hopes for passing this bill is and signing the bill is, that I hope it never has to be used. I hope we never have another officer that is lost in the line of duty but I think that's unrealistic to look at it from that stand point so what this does, it creates a safety net so when that unfortunate situation arises, there's a safety net for those left behind. That they know there's insurance coverage for spouse as well as for the children. Brandy and Angie coming to Juneau many times, and re-telling the horror of their story before committee, after committee, after committee so I give them, Brandy and Angie a lot of credit for this as far as staying there. Without them doing what they did, this bill would not have passed."