Gyms reopen under strict guidelines

Greyson Delzer and his friend work out at the Alaska Club on their first day being back open. (John Dougherty/KTVF)
Greyson Delzer and his friend work out at the Alaska Club on their first day being back open. (John Dougherty/KTVF)(KTVF)
Published: May. 13, 2020 at 5:03 PM AKDT
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Last Friday the State of Alaska allowed gyms to reopen to the public after being closed for over a month. Wednesday, The Alaska Club reopened it's doors to members.

For people who love to work out, the closures were, "Quite miserable honestly. Everyday just feeling like you are atrophying, getting smaller and just really losing sight of your vision,” according to Greyson Delzer, a member of The Alaska Club.

Delzer went back on the first day the club opened and said it was, "Fantastic, I get to see my friends again, I get to work out, it's how it should be."

Even though the Alaska club found out last week they could open, like many other clubs, they took an extra week to do so.

"Waiting that week was prudent, to make sure [firstly] that we knew exactly how to meet the mandates that came down from the city and states,” said The Alaska Club CEO Robert Brewster.

He said the other reason they waited to open was so they could train their staff on guidelines for cleaning and screening. All members who come into the club have their temperature taken before they can come in.

While closed, the club said they made changes to how things are run, as well as obtaining new equipment to make sure everything is sanitized. Some of the changes include closing off areas of the club where people socialized, removing fans, installing extra air filtration systems, spreading equipment out, and closing off equipment too near to other pieces.

They also made ways for members to clean as they go.

One issue gyms have been facing in reopening is whether to require masks. Some gyms like the Planet Fitness are requiring all members to wear masks while they are working out. Others, like the Alaska Club, say it is optional.

"Exercising with masks if very difficult for a lot of people and so we do encourage people to do it if they are able to; but if they are not, it may be that we will take other measures and ask them to be socially distant," said Brewster.

One problem gyms have had is the late notice from the Governor’s office on guidelines to reopen. Planet Fitness won’t reopen until Friday morning.

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