HEALTH REPORT: Easier Winter Running

Published: Dec. 5, 2017 at 7:08 PM AKST
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Running is one of the biggest ways people try to stay healthy.

But in Alaska, the colder temperatures can make it unpleasant to be outside.

Rhiannon Walker takes a look at ways to make winter running a little easier in this week's Health Report.

Not everyone wants to spend their workout in a gym, but when cold temperatures begin to show, a lot of people think it's their only option.

But we can still be active outside, so long as we take the proper steps to stay warm.

According to Owner of Beaver Sports, Greg Whisenhant, we don't need a lot of layers to run.

Greg Whisenhant; Owner of Beaver Sports>>: "The clothing is very important because as we are running out there, we become these polar furnaces that are just pumping out his heat and it is probably one if the few sports that we actually heat up as much as we do. And surprisingly we don't have to wear nearly as much as what we do when we are standing around and watching the sports or watching those activities."

Whisenhant recommends to stay clear of cotton layers, as they can hold the moisture against the skin, causing the body to cool off faster and lead to other complications.

Podiatrist at Aurora Foot and Ankle, Manx Quayle why it is important to also pay attention to our joints when we are running outside.

Manx Qualye; Podiatrist at Aurora Foot and Ankle>>: "The big problem in the winter is if your joints get cold then that can create problems with the synovial fluid, because the joint is not going to function as well when it is cold and it can create cartilage issues and arthritis with the joint being too cold and you are trying to push through. You want to keep your joints as warm as possible."

There are also shoes designed for running in the winter.

Some have cleat like spikes on the bottom to aid in grip if someone were to be running in a place that might have some patches of ice.

Most all shoes designed for winter running also have a harder sole.

Dr. Quayle recommends finding a running shoe that is best tailored to your needs, which can be accomplished at most sports stores.

For this week's Health Report, I'm Rhiannon Walker.