Hugh Neff Ousted by Yukon Quest Rules Committee

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 8:29 PM AKDT
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Veteran musher and former champion, Hugh Neff, has been ruled ineligible for next year's 300 and the 1,000 mile race.

This stems from this year's after one of Neff's dogs died while on the trail at Clinton Creek.

The necropsy report was done by head veterinarian, Nina Hansen.

The dog's name was Boppy.

Medical reports showed that the dog died of aspiration pneumonia by inhaling its own vomit.

However, further inspection showed more issues, as the dog also had stomach ulcers and intestinal inflammation.

Neff's dog also had a case of whipworm infestation - a type of parasite.

On top of this, the dog was showing signs of decay; with cells in his muscles breaking down and what appeared to be serve weight loss.

"In my time with the Yukon Quest," said Kathleen McGill, head of the race's rules committee; "l and I can't say I have the entire history of the Yukon Quest, there has certainly been fines and penalties, and things. But I don't know there has been a censure like this. So I think this is new for the Quest."

The former Yukon Quest champion will be required in the future to race the Yukon Quest 300 before he can run the 1,000 mile race in the future.