Kawasaki likely winner for Senate after newly counted ballots, Dodge falls behind LeBon

Published: Nov. 16, 2018 at 9:06 PM AKST
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The Division of Elections counted the majority of the remaining absentee ballots for Districts 1 and 2 Friday, which determine the two local races that have been too close to call. Up until Friday, the race for State Senate seat A and House District 1 have not had a clear winner.

Scott Kawasaki is the likely winner for Senate seat A, as he is currently up over 180 votes. The other race we have been watching closely is for State House District 1. The front runner for that race has flipped as Bart LeBon is currently up by five votes. Five votes is still close, so they'll be watching those absentee ballots as they come in next week. The final count will be next Wednesday and they're hoping to certify the election next Friday.

We spoke to the candidates from both races about how they are feeling after these new results.

Kawasaki said, "We're excited about all the votes finally getting counted. Of course there's always opportunity for more votes to come in, there were three that came in today and zero that came in yesterday. It's unlikely to change the race with such a large margin. Just really excited to get down to Juneau and work for the people of Fairbanks. "

Kelly said, "The idea of a recount it's not automatic unless there's a tie. I'll look at the application process, if it looks like that would be a way to go. But as far as I'm concerned, it looks like it's over, and I lost, and that's okay."

Dodge said she's, "Obviously disappointed, looking forward to counting the rest of the ballots." She's exploring the idea of a recount.

LeBon said, "I don't know if I'm ready to declare victory because I believe the overseas ballots week, I got to allow the process to unfold. The Division of Elections will certify the election if they certify it that I won, then I will make plans to travel to Juneau and find a place to live. "

Again, the final overseas absentee ballots will be counted on Wednesday and the election is expected to be certified on Friday, November 23.