Law Enforcement Urges Trick-or-treating Caution Amid Current Weather

Published: Oct. 30, 2017 at 7:52 PM AKDT
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With the unusual weather this Halloween season, local law enforcement wants to remind residents about trick or treat safety.

According to the National Safety council, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a motorist on Halloween than other day of the year, and October ranks number two in motor vehicle deaths by month.

The Fairbanks police department will be in neighborhoods Tuesday night.

They recommend trick-or-treaters come out starting at 6 PM, and end their festivities by 8:30.

Officers also advise people to wear reflective gear and to carry a flashlight.

Children should have a phone number of their parent or guardian on them in case they get separated and need to ask an adult for help.

FPD Deputy Chief, Dan Welborn, says local and state agencies will be teaming up again this year to bring "Operation Glow" to the Fairbanks area.

Officials will be stationed in neighborhoods handing out glow-sticks to children and discount coupons to slow- driving motorists.

Deputy Chief Dan Welborn; Fairbanks Police Department>>"It's a program designed to raise awareness about all the small kids out there trick or treating, we want them to be seen and safe just like we normally promote through this program. In order to do that we hand out glow sticks. We have a lot of law enforcement volunteers, people that come in and help us with the program. This is our 11th year, after this year we would have given out over 100,000 glow sticks in community over 11 years."

The Fairbanks Police Department also wants to warn people to look-out for weather advisories.

Officials say they have never cancelled Halloween, but are concerned about the roads icing up.

FPD will be updating the public on weather conditions tomorrow.

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