Man on the Street: How are Fairbanksans celebrating this summer solstice?

The midnight sun mascot dances at the finish line of the 2019 Midnight Sun Run (Amanda...
The midnight sun mascot dances at the finish line of the 2019 Midnight Sun Run (Amanda Becker/KTVF) (KTVF)
Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 4:50 PM AKDT
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Summer solstice is fast approaching.

Traditionally solstice is a time of parties, baseball, racing and festivals in Fairbanks. This year however, many events have been canceled or changed. Starting Monday, June 15th, we will be bringing you stories about the summer solstice and midnight sun in Alaska.

We began by going onto the streets to find out how residents usually celebrate and what they are doing differently this year.

"This is going to be my second solstice so I don't know if I have a normal, but last year I was here for the Midnight Sun Festival to check it out. Besides that, I do spend a lot of time out of town on the weekends especially. So the plan all along was to go biking and hopefully bike overnight," said Andrew McKnights.

Olivia Lunsford said, "Normally I am either bartending at one of the many fun places in town to hang out for the Midnight Sun Festival or going on a hike kind of around town or something. This year I am thinking about maybe [going] down to Talkeetna, check out some things down there, my friends got some property there. Or maybe taking out the old canoe and going for a spin down the Chena River. We'll see, it's going to be a lot less social then it was the previous years."

Lisa Brooks told us "I was living in Sitka previously and so we didn't really have a really great summer solstice like here. So I guess since the COVID issue we are going to be staying at home watching Game of Thrones [and] eating popcorn,"

Phyllis Grant said "What I normally do is sometimes I go to the booths, downtown. Being that they are not having that because of the virus, I just go on walks and maybe go to the river and see the ducks or the boats go by,"

Leonard Dyson said, "Well the previous years we did the fun run, she even did it last year, this year I think we are just going to go hiking at midnight."

Check back Tuesday where we will be exploring the science of summer solstice and what the midnight sun really means.

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