Man on the Street: How will you use your PFD?

 Permanent Fund Dividend applications may be filed via mail, online or over the phone. (Photo courtesy of the Permanent Fund Dividend Division)
Permanent Fund Dividend applications may be filed via mail, online or over the phone. (Photo courtesy of the Permanent Fund Dividend Division) (KTVF)
Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 4:36 PM AKDT
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Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy ordered that this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend Checks to be issued in July rather than in October when they are traditionally distributed. Dunleavy says he took this action to help Alaskans dealing with financial hardships from the pandemic. Most Alaskans received their $992 PFD check late Tuesday night.

John Dougherty once again went to the streets of Fairbanks to see what residents had to say about getting their checks early.

"Well it's great that it is coming early. I got some grandkids going to summer camp and it will go to that, seeing them enjoy the summer such as it has been," said Bob Groseclose.

Robert John is also happy to get the check, "I am glad it's coming early because I think people need it right now rather than later. They will need it later too, but now is good. I plan on taking it and getting some tools to use around my yard."

"It's great if it comes early. It kind of helps us get through the whole COVID thing. Don't know what we are going to do in October, but at least we have it now. But what am I going to do with mine... Well I have an eight year old and we usually just put hers into her college fund since she was born, so hers is spoken for. But I guess when it comes to mine I guess we just get through the summer and pay the bills that we need to pay for all the jobs that were taken away from us because of this virus. So we are just trying to be smart about it financially," Jaunelle Celaire said.

"You know, I am very appreciative that the Alaskan Government is giving out the Permanent Funds early to help support people through the pandemic. I personally am planning on saving it. About to go pay rent right now. So I am very appreciative, but definitely people should be saving it -- we are still in a pandemic," said Terran LaVonne.

"I'm excited, I think it was the right decision for the government to put it out early. A lot of people need the money. I myself am disabled right now so it doesn't make much difference in my life, but I understand everybody's needs are different and I think it was a good idea to put it out early. My wife is the person who pays the bills in our home so I am sure she will pay some of our bills ahead of time. We have a daughter and my wife and I, so we will get three PFDs. I am excited for it. We will be able to pay some bills that we haven't been able to get to," Bodie Darling said.

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