Murkowski & Energy Committee hopeful for future of oil and natural gas production

Published: Jul. 18, 2017 at 8:03 PM AKDT
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Senator Lisa Murkowski chaired a hearing today (tue) held by the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to examine the status of U-S and North American energy and resource security.

The hearing covered everything from benefits that have resulted from the elimination of the domestic ban on crude oil exports in December 2015, to the need to maintain US nuclear leadership and improve our waning mineral security.

Murkowski opened the hearing by recognizing how far the U-S has come in energy security, ascending to become what she considers a global energy superpower over the past decade as a result of innovation that unlocked substantial supplies of oil and natural gas.

"Due to tremendous innovation and technological advances, our nation has moved away from energy scarcity and isolation. We're in the midst of a significant surge in oil and natural gas production with renewables making a noteworthy contribution. We've all also taken steps to open up our markets especially by lifting the ban on the export of domestic crude oil, which by all accounts stands and as smart, timely, and beneficial move. Today we are far more energy secure than in any point in recent memory."

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