NANOOK CORNER: Meet Kayne Gutierrez, UAF's Interim Athletic Director

Published: Jan. 30, 2018 at 7:40 PM AKST
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Change has been a major part of the University of Alaska for the past year.

The latest big change has been Kane Gutierrez being named Interim Athletic Director.

We're going to head to the UAF Patty Center to talk to Mr. Gutierrez about his new role in this week's Nanook Corner.

Devin Fry; Reporting>>: Gary Gray left some big shoes to fill for the Athletic Director position for UAF when he announced his resignation last month. However, Kayne Gutierrez is more than up for the Challenge. The new Interim Athletic Director is more than willing to take up all the challenges that the job has to offer.

Kayne Gutierrez; Interim Athletic Director - UAF>>: "Oh I was super excited. I mean, not only from just the perspective of being trusted by the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor to lead this kind of gap period, but it's just a great opportunity for me professionally. I think it's one of those things that as you go through the athletic administration, for lack of a better term, ranks, you want to at least see what's behind that curtain and know what it is to be the director. And kind of have some impact on the way things are going to play out and what the department is going to look like going forward."

Devin Fry; Reporting>>: Interim Athletic Directors are usually expected to just keep the Athletic Programs running until the permanent A-D has been found. Gutierrez, however, has different plans. He wants to set things in motion to help the program flourish for years to come.

Kayne Gutierrez; Interim Athletic Director - UAF>>: "We have to write a strategic plan for this year, or not even for this year, for the next coming years. It's going to encompass some things like fundraising, different revenue sources for ticket sales and those kind of things, make sure that we have a good diversity and inclusion plan going forward for this department. The other thing we need to make sure to do is just sure up the athletic experience, not that it's a negative one here at all, I think a lot of positives come from our student athletes here. I just think we need to make sure that most things are systemic in a positive way going forward. I'm in a very exciting opportunity. Even in that five or six month period that I am the interim, is to really have an impact and be allowed to shape what this department looks like going forward. I'm excited about that opportunity."

Devin Fry; Reporting>>: Per NCAA Regulations, the Nanooks have to perform a national search to find the next permanent athletic director. This process could take a long time to undergo, but until then, Gutierrez will be leading the University of Alaska Fairbanks into their new era.

Kayne Gutierrez; Interim Athletic Director - UAF>>: "I'm really looking forward to that strategic plan. Just because I'm the interim I'm really excited about trying to put that together, to lay out what our department is going to look like in the next three, four, five years. I'm really excited about that because even if I'm not here, I'll still be able to say I had a footprint on it in a little way. And it may be not as big as possible right now because there's always going to be checks and balances as we write that plan to say 'hey maybe you want to go in this direction or that direction', but I'm really excited about that opportunity to put that strategic plan together and see what that looks like going forward."