NANOOK CORNER: Spotlight on Nanook Cross Country

Published: Sep. 25, 2018 at 9:43 PM AKDT
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We're gonna continue our overview of the University of Alaska Athletic Programs.

For this week's Nanook Corner, we take a look at the Cross Country team.

The Nanook Cross Country team already has two meets under their belt. They started their season down in Anchorage with the New Balance Invitational, and just this past weekend they were in Lacey Washington for the Ken Garland Classic hosted by Saint Martin's University. This most recent meet was beneficial for this young team, who got a top-10 finish from Alex Berholtz. The season may be young, but these runners are already enjoying it.

"We've got 10 new freshmen on our team, I'm really liking where we're at there. They're really adapting well, training is going well. Like you mentioned earlier it's pretty early in the year but I'm feeling pretty good about where we're standing right now." said Nick Crawford, Head Coach - Nanook Cross Country.

"It's been super fun getting to know everyone. It's super fun to spend time with the team and we do a lot of fun stuff together, so it makes training easier and more fun because you're with your teammates," said Kirsys Campbell, Freshman - Nanook Cross Country.

The Nanooks have a lot of travelling to do this year. They have no races at home and will head to Seattle and Bellingham Washington for their next two events, and will then have the Conference and National Championships in November. This not only gives the runners a chance to see other parts of the country, but it also allows them to experience different types of terrain.

"It definitely takes a little bit out of you, you've got to back down a little more here. But we have a pretty good schedule this year. We have meets, like, every two weeks throughout the season. It allows you to have a good week of practice in there so you're not stressing over a meet every week," said Crawford.

"We pretty much get the hardest training here. We have a lot of hills on campus and at Birch hill. So when you're doing monster hills like A climbs, B climbs, C climbs, and you get to this course in St. Martin's last week where it's all flat, it seems pretty doable compared to the kind of intense training we have here for sure," said Logan Mowry, RS Freshman - Nanook Cross Country..

Although the team is mainly competing out of state, Logan Mowry, who is from here in Fairbanks and graduated from Lathrop High School, has a way you can keep up with your Nanook Cross Country team.

"Besides skiing and running I'm a big Snapchat guy. So if you want to add me, Logan Mowry, or the Mowry Machine on snapchat, come view the Mowry Morning Update for morning inspiration. Just get out there and grind," said Mowry.