New Lake Proposed to be named after dog killed in Landslide

Published: Mar. 7, 2019 at 10:12 PM AKST
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In the city of Sitka, Alaska officials have moved forward in an effort to name a newly formed lake after a dog that was lost in a landslide, the very event that formed the body of water.

AP reports The Alaska Historical Commission approved a proposal to name the small body of water, 12-miles south of Sitka, as 'Luna lake'.

Kevin Knox and Maggie Gallin were camping with Luna in May of 2013 when the landslide occurred.

The couple was able to get to safety, but lost sight of their dog.

The pair searched for Luna but she was never found.

Geographical features are not often named after pets, and guidelines discourage it... but with support from other local residents, there has not been much opposition.

In an interview Knox said "Naming the lake after Luna was just a piece of a puzzle for Maggie and I, and part of our healing."

The proposal is now waiting on approval from the US Board on Geographic Names.

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