North Pole man charged with DUI after telling troopers he was kidnapped

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 6:23 PM AKDT
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On May 24, 41-year old Bret Russell was charged with DUI, weapons misconduct, failure to stop, false report and refusal to submit to a test after telling state troopers that he was kidnapped.

In the morning on Sunday, troopers observed a vehicle traveling 55 MPH in 40 MPH zone in North Pole. Troopers attempted a traffic stop, but the black Chevrolet Silverado disappeared in a large dust cloud. AST then found the vehicle in a driveway, and observed a white male leaving the truck heading into the trees.

Troopers searched the vehicle, finding a coffee mug that tested positive for the presence of alcohol, and a .45 caliber Remington in the back passenger floorboard. They also found a wallet containing the I.D. for Brett Russell.

After a search in the area, Russell waved down troopers, and had twigs and branches on his clothing and hair. Russell then told troopers that he was drinking with a friend named "Tyler", that he was approached by a "black guy" and a "Mexican" in vehicle, and was thrown into the back seat. He said that they later threw him out and drove off.

Troopers say that Russell had a strong odor of alcohol and that he refused to submit a test.

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