Officials want help with local transportation map

Published: Nov. 1, 2017 at 9:00 PM AKDT
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Yesterday at the Carlson Center, local business representatives received a briefing on the Fairbanks metropolitan transportation plan, otherwise known as F-MATS.

Executive Director Donna Gardino talked about F-MATS' long-range plan, which is required every four years by the Federal Highway Administration.

According to Gardino, F-MATS has completed its existing conditions report.

This report was an interactive map displaying bicyclists, pedestrians, and modes of transportation over the Fairbanks and North Pole areas.

One of the main concerns in following up with the plan was safety.

F-MATS is asking the public to take a look at their interactive map online at '' to help them identify any deficiencies in their mapping network.

Donna Gardino; Executive Director, FMATS>: "Level of service is still good in the transportation network. We still have crashes and basically now the federal highway administration is making us do a performance based plan so were looking at our safety data and our crash data and where looking at projects on trying to decrease the number of crashes and fatalities within the metropolitan planning area. We've also identified over 60 of a 190 unique comments were bicycle related and 40 were safety related. So from the input we've received so far there seems to be a high priority on improving the non-motorized network and also increasing the safety."