PIONEER PARK: Folk school has permanent location

Published: Aug. 2, 2018 at 6:59 PM AKDT
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Katie Luper: "Hello and welcome back to another segment of what's happening here at Pioneer Park, I'm here with Gordon Williams he's the president of the board of the Folk School, and they just moved in to Pioneer Park. So Gordon, tell us why did you guys move here?"

Gordon Williams, Folk School, President of Board of Directors: "Well we wanted to be in a more central location that was more accessible to the public and it gave us more opportunities to coordinate, and cooperate with other non-profits in the community."

KL: "And so what kind of things do you offer here at the folk school?"

Gordon Williams: "We offer a wide range of classes, they focus on creative and practical skills often related to traditional techniques. And also emphasize in the use of natural products, so everything from birch bark basket making, to a variety kind of wood crafts, to food preservation, and boat building.

KL: "So lots of hands on activities then."

GW: "Very hands on, very get your hands dirty and make something interesting."

KL: "And this is only one of the locations in Pioneer Park right?"

GW: "That's right, this is going to be our main offices, and our small classroom space, but on the other side of the park we are actually going to set up our wood shop. Which is were a lot of the really kind of, getting your hands dirty classes happen."

KL: "Well is there anything else we need to know about the folk school?"

GW: "Yeah, so our classes are going to be coming back on-line here very soon in the near future, people should take a look at the website and see those classes that are going to be offered early in the fall."

KL: "Wonderful, well thank you for speaking with me."

GW: "Thank you."

KL: "The Folk School is going to have a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony, for more information you can visit their website. That's what's happening at Pioneer Park."