REDDI Programs Helps to Keep Roads Safer

Published: Jun. 5, 2018 at 8:59 PM AKDT
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Dangerous drivers risk death and injury not only to themselves, but to other innocent people on the road and local law enforcement is asking for the public's help to combat this issue.

Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately or REDDI is a way to keep road ways safer for drivers.

Ron Dupee with the Fairbanks Police Department responds to many REDDI calls.

“We have a huge number of traffic accidents in the Fairbanks area. Dangerous drivers are a major cause of a lot of those accidents, a lot of those fatalities,” he said.

The Alaska State Troopers see between 10 to 20 calls per shift, with reports of dangerous driving.

Trooper Nathaniel Johnson says he's seen a positive impact from the program.

“Even within the last couple of weeks, I've responded, located DUIs based on reports from other drivers,” he said.

Anything from tailgating, to weaving in and out of lanes, to straddling the center line should be reported to law enforcement.

If there is a risk of death or injury due to dangerous driver behavior, officials ask that residents call 911.

Calls for minor behaviors, like running a stop light, can be directed to the main line of local police and trooper stations.

Fairbanks Police: (907) 450-6500

Alaska State Troopers, Fairbanks location: (907) 451-5100

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