Race for House District 1 still being called a tie

Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 9:54 PM AKST
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The race for House District 1 between Kathryn Dodge and Bart Lebon is still being called a tie three weeks after the general election.

Since the announcement of the tie, election officials have called into question a ballot that was not originally counted on Election Day.

Officials say the ballot was on a precinct table, and later found its way to Juneau in a secrecy sleeve amongst other ballot materials.

Kathryn Dodge's attorney, Patrick Munson, says that the ballot in question should be counted, along with another one that wasn't a part of the original count either.

According to Munson, this second ballot had a filled in circle for Dodge, but an 'X' in the circle for Bart Lebon.

He says both ballots should count as votes for Dodge.

Hanging in the balance is the control of the Alaska State House majority.

If Lebon wins, republicans gain control... if Dodge wins, the House is split.

The Division of Elections has yet to reveal if either ballot will be included in the recount taking place in Juneau tomorrow, November 30th.

If the contest is still considered a tie after the recount, then the winner will be determined by a method of chance - such as a coin toss.

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