Ready for the plunge? Tripod in Nenana still stands

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 9:29 PM AKDT
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The Nenana Ice Classic tripod is currently leaving ticket holders on edge as the tripod leans on the ice. People from Alaska and around the country are watching it closely to see when it will fall.

According to the Nenana Ice Classic website the ice underneath the tripod is very soft and rotting as of Thursday April 11, 2019.

Those who oversee the tripod report a channel open is visible and running river water can been seen off shore in front of the tripod.

The watchman are on duty 24/7 until the ice breaks up and the tripod stops the clock.

Cherrie Forness Manager for the Nenana Ice Classic said because of the early season the ice has thrown off those who are meticulously working to gather information and recording ticket information.

Forness said if the ice goes out they will not have the winners announced for up to three weeks after the plunge. She spoke Friday April 12, 2019 on how the ice is holding up.

"The tripod has tilted kind of towards the bank of the river, the south bank, and has actually sunk into the water because it doesn't have anywhere to go.

There is no, you know, open water around it or down river from it so it is kind of stuck there till some of the ice moves out of the way.

With the temperatures the way that they are we should start seeing more channels being cut into ice and when that happens we see move ice movement," said Forness.

Forness also said they have had record sales in tickets this year, and entering all the information into a data base could take some time. Time which she said, they don’t have a lot of.

“ We’ll have a better idea in about a week or so, what we sold,” she said in regards to ticket sales. “We are still waiting to get a couple buckets back from the bush, but they should be here today or tomorrow, so we will have a better idea,” she added.

If the tripod falls it would be record breaking. The earliest recorded date the ice has gone out on the Tanana is April 20 in 1940 and 1998

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